Is Office 365 a good fit for your business?

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The Perks

  1. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to access your Office applications on any device including:
    - Desktop PCs
    - Laptop PCs
    - Apple Mac devices
    - iPads and iPhones
    - Android tablets and smartphones
    With up to 5 devices per user, you can have your copy of Office 365 installed on every device you own - with a single monthly fee.
  2. Update to the newest version of Office absolutely free. When Microsoft releases their newest lineup of Office products, simply download and install.
  3. Corporate email services with 50GB of storage (plenty for folks who hate to hit that delete button!)
  4. Web-based applications. This is brand new to the Office family.
    With Office 365, you are able to log into your account from anywhere, open documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and update and save documents as required.
  5. Non-profit benefits such as donated email-only accounts and significantly discounted subscriptions. This is the newest perk to Office 365 for registered non-profit organizations (since mid-2015) and provides exceptional discounts and gifted/donated accounts based on subscription levels.

The Transition

Small businesses who wish to make the change are then faced with the big question of "How do we keep our existing email as it is, while transitioning to Office 365?". This is where LAN Solutions will take the hassle and confusion out of the process for you.

LAN Solutions will meet with you to create a migration plan that includes deciding on subscription levels, establishing a timeline, deploying applications and assisting users with the fine details during the transition. This all ultimately results in a swift and organized transition with 0 down-time and minimal impact on users.

Keeping it Safe

Microsoft goes to great lengths to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure. Security is a key consideration - but LAN Solutions takes it one step further. Deleted items are kept indefinitely in Office 365, which is peace of mind for those who get a little carried away with the delete button. The downside to this however, is the method of recovery of these emails can be time consuming.

LAN Solutions provides a "Cloud-to-Cloud" backup solution, which allows us to search for and recover single messages, groups of messages or entire folders quickly and easily. The retention policies on this backup can also be configured based on your businesses requirements far easier than Office 365.

Does Office 365 fit my Business?

The easiest way to find out is to contact LAN Solutions to meet and discuss the variety of deployment options, benefits, drawbacks and granular details surrounding Office 365 at your business. Click here to contact us and learn more about Office 365.


Gregg McKiernan
Business Development
LAN Solutions Corp.