Multiple Prospective Buyers in LinkedIn Acquisition

Salesforce Made Bid for LinkedIn

CEO Marc Benioff confirmed in June that Salesforce was indeed a serious bidder in the attempt to purchase LinkedIn. Unfortunately, LinkedIn was already deep into negotiations with Microsoft when Salesforce approached the social networking site. Interestingly, there have been reports that Microsoft had tried to buy Salesforce earlier this year, though price and the way it would be operated were among issues that resulted in the sale not happening.

Conversations With At Least Three Other Companies

While these other companies all ultimately backed down, there is speculation as to whom they might have been. On July 1st, Kurt Wagner and Mark Bergen from recode published an article stating that four parties were involved in the bidding, however, they have not been named. They speculate that both Facebook and Google were involved in the bidding process. There is no question that the acquisition of LinkedIn would have significantly augmented both the Google and Facebook platforms.