Microsoft Outlook 2016

Don't worry - your Outlook is going to look and feel almost exactly like it has since Outlook 2010. Microsoft hasn't reinvented the wheel with Outlook 2016, and you are going to be quite familiar with the layout and location of your commonly utilized features.

That being said, the product has not come to a standstill. Tweaks have been made, and features added that allow Outlook 2016 to be much more versatile in today's computing world. 


Awesome New Features

Another highly exciting feature not mentioned in the video is the Outlook Groups. Now previously, Distribution Lists were created and maintained (or not) to contact teams, departments or other collaborations. Now, with Groups, you can create groups in just a few clicks, organize them around topics, geography, departments etc. With groups, you now have a shared place for email conversations, history and events.


Awesome features of groups include:

  • Get access to past conversations and history for Groups you have joined or added as a member.

  • Within the Groups shared space, messages are grouped together for each conversation to facilitate quick communication with your team. You can "Like" a message within a conversation and post a quick reply to have a quick back and forth conversations with your team.

    You can also receive social notifications in Outlook when someone "Likes" your message.

  • Schedule meetings on a group calendar that everyone in group can update.

  • You can access a group’s conversation in your Inbox by subscribing to a group. This makes it behave like a distribution list. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

  • Manage groups from Outlook by adding or removing members.

Another fantastic new feature mentioned in the video above is Tell me what you want to do, and it is a game changer in Office 2016. Can't remember the process for viewing your to-do list? Or simply want to adjust Calendar Options? Click on Tell me what you want to do and start typing. You will immediately see results for the functions you're looking for! This is not a "Help" feature. It's not going to open a windows with paragraphs to read through, you are directly accessing the function itself.



For those who are keen to understand Outlook 2016 more deeply, please explore the Outlook 2016 training course provided by Microsoft. The course is interactive, and should only take about an hour to complete.


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