Microsoft Word 2016

It's almost a certainty that you've experienced Microsoft Word either presently or in the past. The product has existed since 1990, along with Excel and PowerPoint, and the three are staples of modern computing. While the purpose of these products has remained constant, new features, appearance and updates are released more and more often.

We aren't going to bore you with mundane content and tutorials outlining basic usage and concepts, as these are likely already known to you. Instead, we're going to provide you with some viewing material that outlines the most important recently added features that we're certain will increase your productivity, and make your life easier.

A well known computer publication, attended a Microsoft Office event and published some key content that Microsoft wanted to share with customers. These are short videos, but they will highlight important differences and added features, enjoy!


Microsoft Word 2016 Training Course

For those who are keen to understand Word 2016 more deeply, please explore the Word 2016 training course provided by Microsoft. The course is interactive, and should only take about an hour to complete.


Take the Microsoft Word 2016 Training Course

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